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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.  - Mahatma Gandhi.

Before death, Gandhiji uttered "HEY RAM" as if he wanted to say "SAB KO SANMATI DE BHAGWAN" it means - Give Prudence to all.

Gandhiji's Assassination information was given to all the then Native States of India, by sending Telegrams from Government of India.

The telegraphic message from New Delhi to Nawab of Balasinor it was stated that:
New Delhi 31 The most immediate most immediate His Highness Nawab Balasinor

Government of India Regret mahatma Gandhi was victim of shooting outrage Gandhiji expired yesterday evening cremation will take place Saturday 4 PM. Prime minister has broadcast Saturday 31st be observed as day of fasting and prayer suggest offices should close entirely and flags half mast from sunrise = Statesind"

One more telegram sent by Government of India, Secretary Western India to Rajkot Administrator Balasinor- in message it was stated that:

"D/8.7 mourning for mahatma Gandhi XXX government of India observing State mourning for thirteen days from thirtieth January flags will be flown at half mast and there will be no public entertainment during this period. = Secretary Westindia"

Courtesy: Mr. Ashok Kumar Bayanwala, Ahmedabad.


Good Info.

Dear Friends, First of all - indeed - first of all my Himalayan Thanks to Mr. Ashok Kumar Bayanwada, Ahmedabad for having paved way for publishing these two "invaluable telegrams" on the death of Mahathma Gandhi. There were no cellphone or internet or computer facilities during 1948 or so. Communication was done through only Land Line and Telegrams only. As I am doing some research on the Assassination of Mahathma Gandhi, I am quite happy to see these two telegrams. Well done Mr. Ashok Kumar. With love and affection Z.Y. Himsagar from Tamil Nadu. Cell:9486074220