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BRASILIANA-2013 - World Stamp Exhibition

World Stamp Exhibition BRASILIANA-2013 is being held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 19 to 25 November, 2013. The event is jointly organised by the Brazilian Enterprise of Posts and Telegraphs (ECT) and the Brazilian Federation of Philately (FEBRAF). It sponsored by the International Federation of Philately (FIP), with the support of the Inter American Federation of Philately (FIAF).

During this exhibition two major events of Brazil are also celebrated (i) 350 years of establishment of Brazilian Postal Service and (ii) Introduction of 170 years of the “bull’s eyes”stamps.

In this exhibition maximum number of Indian Philatelists participated and following philatelists have won awards in the exhibition.

We congratulate all Indian Participants who have won awards at the BRASILIANA-2013 - World Stamp Exhibition.

  • Anil Suri: Fiscals of Cochin (Fiscals) - Gold
  • Angeet Suri: Fiscals of Jodhpur(Fiscals) - Vermeil
  • Pragya Jain: I am Bow and this is my story (Thematic) - Vermeil
  • Madhukar Jhingan: Indian Internal Airmails (Aerophilately) - Large Silver
  • Rajesh Paharia: The Dead Letter Offices of India 1854 - 1912 (Postal History) - Large Silver
  • Pravesh Kumar Gupta: The Imperial Durbars of Delhi (Postal History) - Large Silver
  • Pratisad Neurgaonkar: Postal Stationery of British India 1856-1947 (Literature) - Large Silver
  • Avinash Sharma: Olympic Games (Youth 10-15 Yrs) - Large Silver
  • Rohit Prasad: Decimalisation of Postal Rates (Postal History) - Silver
  • Naresh Agrawal: Mail and its Movement (Thematic) - Silver
  • Brij Mohan Modi: Architecture is Soul of Civilization (Thematic) - Silver
  • Binod Kumar Jain: India Refugee Relief Tax 1971 -73 (Traditional) - Silver
  • Niyogi books / Sekhar Chakrabarti) - The Indian National Flag unfurled through Philately (Literature) - Silver
  • Samira Bose: Glimpses of India (Youth 19-21 Yrs) - Silver
  • Maira Bose: Lady Di (Youth 10-15 Yrs) - Silver
  • Savita Jhingan: From India to Space (Astrophilately) - Silver Bronze
  • Ranji Singh: Sikh Heritage through Stamps (Literature) - Silver Bronze
  • Kashish Thaper: Science & Technology as a Vehicle of Progress in India (Youth 19-21 Yrs) - Silver Bronze
  • Paritri Upadhyay: Wild Life on Maxim Cards (Youth 16-18 Yrs) - Silver Bronze
  • Prashant Pandya: Glimpses of innovations in 21st Century Indian Postal services (Modern Philately, 21st Century) - Bronze
  • Vikas Singh: Philatelic Handbook on Indian Railways (Literature) - Bronze
  • Madan Middha: Year Book of Indian Philately (Literature) - Bronze
  • Praful Thakkar: Collectors Guide to First Day Covers & Folders of India 1947-1964 Official & Private (Literature) - Bronze
  • Praful Thakkar: Collectors Guide to First Day Covers & Folders of India with Set of stamps, Se-tenant Stamps & Miniature Sheets (Literature) - Bronze
  • Siddharth S Tawker: Reptiles (Youth 10-15 Yrs) - Bronze
  • Yogini Jhingan: Holograms (Youth 19-21 Yrs) - Diploma
  • Nisha Gupta: Meghdoot post card (Modern Philately, 21st Century) - C
  • Himanshu Gupta: Indipex 2011 World Philatelic Exhibition, New Delhi (Modern Philately, 21st Century) - C
  • Parvesh Gupta: 100 Years of Indian Cinema (Modern Philately, 21st Century) - C
  • Anushtha Jain: Delhi 2010 - XIX Commonwealth Games (Modern Philately, 21st Century) - C
  • Narendra Kumar: India Postage Stamp Year Book 2008 (Literature) - CP
  • Narendra Kumar: India Postage Stamp Year Book 2009 (Literature) - CP
  • Narendra Kumar: India Postage Stamp Year Book 2010 (Literature) - CP
  • Narendra Kumar: India Postage Stamp Year Book 2011 (Literature) - CP
One Frame Exhibits
  • Ashish Talwar: The First Flight of Air India International - 75 Marks
  • George Reynolds: Leonardo's Vitruvian Man - 74 Marks
  • Leeza Padhi: Ramayana – The Great Indian Ballet – Beyond India - 70 Marks
  • Srinivasan Paramasivam: Peacock – A bird and A Symbol - 68 Marks
  • Rohit Prasad: Bullock Train – An Unexplored Chapter of Indian Postal History - 66 Marks
  • Nagendra Nayak: Global Warming - 62 Marks
  • Vikas Singh: Darjeeling Himalayan Railway - A World Heritage Site - 53 Marks
I also congratulate following philatelists from Canada, Czech Republic, Kuwait and Pakistan, who exhibited collections on Indian subjects in the exhibition and have won awards.
  • Ijaz Qureshi, Canada: British India Registration Postmarks of Punjab & Sind: 1854 - 1910 (Postal History) - Large Silver
  • Jiri Cerny, Czech Republic: Revenue Stamps and Stamped Papers of Indian Princely State of Bonai-1911-1949 of Bonai - 1911-1949 (Fiscals) - Vermeil
  •  Khaled Abdul Mughni, Kuwait: Kuwait Postal History - Indian Era (Postal History) - Large Vermeil
  • Syed Imtiaz Hussain, Pakistan: India - 19th Century Postal Markings (Classic Period) (Postal History) - Vermeil